March 2017: Plant Project

Download the Final Slideshow

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Plant Project 2017.

Download the slideshow from the March 22, 2017 meeting.

If you missed the February meeting, download the handout that explains the project.

How this works

HPAGC members have had fun with several group Projects in the past. Each one was a learning experience that helped us all by identifying weeds and bugs we each encounter in our Gardens. You can check out these projects detailed on this website under past projects.

This year we thought you might like to tell us about your favourite or most successful garden plant. It could be a tree, a shrub, a perennial, annual, biennial. If you love it, then tell us about it. We all love plants that grow well and new gardeners always need info on what should work in our area. So lets help each other out! If you have a plant that you love, but requires special care, and you think it’s worth the extra attention, we would love to hear about it. Just indicate if it needs some TLC.

  1. Pick a plant and tell Brad what you've selected.

  2. Spend a few minutes researching the plant or writing down what you already know about it.

    • Read the provided slide templates and handout) as a guide for the kind of information to collect. There's no need to write lots of text. All we're looking for are just enough bullet points to fill a couple of slides and one (or many) pictures. Feel free to include many pictures! (And no, you aren't required to use the provided template.)
    • You can use Wikipedia, your favourite encyclopedia, a local library, your own personal experience, or a knowledgeable friend to find out about your plant.
      Type your plant name here:
  3. If you're used to using the computer and slide software, fill in the provided templates (see below) and email your slides to Brad.

    If you're not good with computers, just collect the information in an email message, and email it to Brad. If you can, send a either a link to a page on the Internet with a picture of the plant, or attach a copy of the picture in your email message.

    • If you can prepare the slides yourself, it's appreciated since it will mean a lot less work for Brad when he assembles the presentation.
    • Don't worry about the fonts and precise positioning.
  4. Email the slides or information to Brad by March 15, 2017.

  5. At the March 22 meeting, be prepared to speak about your slides for two to five minutes. Feel free to present from your seat or by coming up to the front.

If you have any questions, email Brad.

Slide Templates

If you like, choose one of the following slide templates, depending on the software you intend to use to prepare the slides.

You can also use your own templates or slide style, but I can't promise that every formatting detail will be preserved when I merge them together (with LibreOffice).

SoftwareDownload Link
Microsoft Office PowerPoint (older than 2007)
Pick this if you're not sure.
Download Template
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Download Template
LibreOffice 3 or newer Download Template
OpenOffice 3 or newer Download Template
No software. I'll just email the information. Use the introductory handout as a guide.

If you are keen and you want to download the two fonts used in the templates, you can (but you certainly don't have to):


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